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About TennisGeek

Hi, I'm Ricky, and I'm a TennisGeek!

Like you, I'm a recreational tennis player.  I play a lot of leagues and sometimes even a local tourney or two.

Over the years, I often thought about different things--gadgets, gear, accessories, etc--that could improve my tennis life.  

For example, I was so tired of crawling around looking for the errant vibration dampener that would undoubtedly fly off my racket 4 or 5 times a match.  So in 2015, we introduced the first TennisGeek product, the Stay-On Performance Vibration Dampener, and I have yet to have it fly off during a match!

TennisGeek's mission is to seriously improve the tennis life of the serious rec player.

Stay tuned as we release more innovative products to improve your tennis life too!

Ricky Ayers,
TennisGeek, Founder